Photo Albums

February 2011:
Yis Kar Du Sara
January 2011: Hidden Treasure
January 2011:
Feliz Año Nuevo

December 2010:
Carpio Christmas
December 2010:
December 2010: Qercy Christmas
December 2010:
Tiempos con Amigos
December 2010: Orosi Valley with the Ruedas
November 2010: Jesús te bä kíme 2
October 2010: Jesús te bä kíme

August 2010:
Haiti Medical Mission Trip

June 2010:

June 2010:
No Artificial Ingredients
May 2010:
Pretty and Cool Things

May 2010: Abangaritos 2

April 2010:
Hike Photos

February 2010:
Camp Metamorfosis
January 2010:
Costa Rica, Part Pinilla Guanecaste
January 2010:
Nicaragua and a Week with Antonio's Family

December 2009:
Ho ho holiday happenings

December 2009:
Guanecaste Survey

November 2009: More Photos from La Cueva

December 2009:
More Spanish Students Loosed

November 2009:
70 Photos I Neglected to Post at the Time

October 2009:
Extrunda Vida Noche de Talentos

August 2009:
QERC y Camden

July 2009:
La Carpio en La Montaña

July 2009:
The Family Visits

July 2009:
Costa Rica: Part San Carlos

July 2009:
Costa Rica: Part Translation

July 2009:
Pico Blanco Rappeling

May 2009:
Costa Rica: Part Armadillo

May 2009:
Costa Rica: Part Bailamos

April 2009:
Dios Guia mi Camino

March 2009:
In Which Good Friends Come to Visit

February 2009:
Decent Descent

February 2009:
Hike to the Crosses, Part 3

January 2009:
First Tri
January 2009:
Food, Family, and Days of Fiestas
November 2008:
The Best Day of My Week

November 2008:

November 2008:

October 2008:
July 2008:
Guatemala, Part Lanquín

July 2008:
Guatemala, Part More
December 2007:
Fotos del Viaje, First time in Costa Rica
A few of my favorite things Haiti Memories Fom tet nou (more Haiti memories)