Monday, February 27, 2012

Moodle Month

Earlier this month we had two fun events relating to the learning platform we use, called "Moodle." Moodle is an open-source web environment for managing and delivering on-line courses in a virtual environment. Lots of universities or seminaries will use Moodle or something like Moodle to construct their virtual classrooms, where students log on and participate from all over the world.

At the beginning of February, Rosalia and Maureen from our Learning Technologies team here in San Jose led a 3-day workshop last week teaching educators and administrators from various seminaries and missionary institutions in Costa Rica how to design and deliver their classes on-line. There were 8 attendees, and these classes will help them make the training they offer available to Spanish-speaking students all over the world. The attendees will learn more about how to use the Moodle learning management system to set up virtual classes for on-line students. I audited the class as well, since I usually help with the technical side of the Moodle installation, but don't usually know what all goes into the construction of a course within the program.

A week later, two fellow MAF missionaries from Nampa visited our team, Tony and Brian. We talked about lots of topics relating to educational strategy and the platforms we use. Also, Tony and his family plan on joining our team here in Costa Rica before the end of this year, so he got to be introduced to the country and see a little of how our team works here.

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