Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Technology without borders in La Carpio

This is old news, but once again, good news. It sometimes takes me awhile to post new developments, for which I apologize. I posted a video about "New Horizons" in La Carpio back in February, but I never explained what was going on in the video. Here's what's up...

There have been lots of changes and some exciting new developments in La Carpio. Leaving the previous computer lab intact, we did some shuffling around to a new location with another partner ministry in La Carpio. This has been a great chance to springboard off our previous project and help out at another well-established partner ministry in the same slum. We had a group of our faithful cohort from the previous site join us in opening up the new pedagogical tools, and within a few hours they had assembled a battery-powered physical therapeutic treatment apparatus (read: robotic back massager).

One of the most exciting things was that some of our guys from the previous place, along with some guys from the new place, helped build and install some new computers. With my supervision, they essentially assembled them from scratch. They've been excited with some of the new features and made a few videos to show off some of the cool projects we've been doing.

Here is a video showing clips from the computer installation process:

Here are two more videos showing clips from the process. I will let you decide which one was made by the missionary and which one was made by one of the teenagers.

Featured in these videos are:

  • Freddy and Queso, our two main lab technicians from the original learning lab
  • The new mac-mini that the videos were edited on
  • Me demonstrating the new tactile feature of the mac that senses air movement across the screen and moves the mouse cursor accordingly (they think of everything!)
  • A few new friends from "Christ for the City", the local organization we're partnering with there.
  • Pretty eye candy in the Edubuntu 10.10 linux operating system

Pretty exciting and encouraging stuff! The idea is to sort of to recreate what we had in the previous computer lab, using some of the lessons we learned, and the expertise of the same guys who helped construct it. This location offers us a more controlled environment to do that (still located in the slum, but with better security). Also, please keep this new development in your prayers. We still need lots of prayers for momentum, and for the missing pieces to come together to provide a long-term benefit for the community.

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