Tuesday, March 01, 2011

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Wow, it has been far too long since my previous update! Far, far too long, I am very sorry. It hasn't been quiet, by any means. All recent news has been poured into my prayer letters, facebook posts, and picture albums. But just in case those slip by you, here is a short summary of the previous month's adventures, including links to more information about each event.

You might note as well that I've added some tabs to my blog up above. That way you can jump straight to my photo albums and videos. I've also added an interactive map, from which you can see visually some of the different places I've visited and ministered at. Clicking on some of the locations will pop up photos, videos, or more details on the location.

February 2011:
Yis Kar Du Sarat
February 18 weekend, I participated in a mission trip led by Costa Rican nationals deep into the Chirripó indigenous reserve. For over 15 years now, the leader of this missionary outreach has been visiting remote parts of her own country to train, evangelize, and encourage Christian leaders where they serve. On this trip, we left at 2 A.M. and hiked 7 hours into the reserve, forded a few rivers (the one pictured being the largest), and participated in a few evangelistic services and events with the Cabécar families. 7 hours hike also meant 7 hours in from the nearest electricity source, cell tower, and village. We also delivered gifts for a very-late (February) Christmas party. I went mainly to help with children's activities (some of the photos of children's activities are from a previous trip). Several of the kids in the photos (including Kimberly, the young girl in most of the photos) raised their hands and prayed to accept Christ, and were baptized that Sunday in the same river pictured, as were most of us non-officially while crossing back over. This is my third trip with this church group, and Alicia, the team leader, went with me to Haiti in August.

In January I went to camp with a group from La Carpio. It was a blast as always, and this year we had a batch of lots of new kids. One of our guys, Freddy, mixed together these two videos:

Check out two video slideshows I made during December - one when my cousin Mindy visited and another for Christmas and New Year's celebrations (lots of fireworks). Oh, and I turned 27.

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