Friday, January 01, 2010

Once in a blue moon

Since this new year's eve would be marked by the relatively rare alignment of celestial bodies in order to create the second full moon this month, I decided to do something I never imagined I'd be doing to welcome in 2010.

Jonathan (my host brother) and I made it to the tail end of the Christmas festivities in Zapote, about 15 minutes walking distance from our house. One of the highlights of this event is a rodeo, followed by the release of a furious bull into a crowd of about a hundred radically dressed thrill seekers. Jonathan explained to me how simple it was to outrun the bull and suggests we join the crazies in the arena next time.

If you're having trouble picturing it, watch the "highlights" video from the local news channel below:

Any fellow Mass Communication majors want this guy's helmet cam op position? (That's a camera with live feed strapped to his head).


Forest Fisk said...

So, you didn't actually go IN there, did you? :-)

Kathie said...

I have the same question :)

bboy said...

Why, does that seem like the kind of thing I might do? ;)