Friday, August 07, 2009

A Wheely Good Lesson - What goes around comes around

After moving out of the Rueda's house I wasn't able to keep in touch with them very well. The parents were gone in Perú and the kids were busy with schoolwork. I went over once to fix their computer so they could talk on Skype to their parents while they were apart.

Upon returning from Perú, though, they invited myself and my family who was here visiting over for lunch. It had been a while since I'd had some good Peruvian cooking sprinkled with un poquito de amor (a little bit of love, as Irma says), and I wanted my family-family to meet my host family I'd lived with for 8 months, so we gladly accepted. We also took with us a little welcome-home gift that my parents had carried down from Idaho. One of my good friends and supporters, Ted Wheeler (who incidentally also taught me much of what I know about fixing computers in the NNU computer support center), had sent a brand new (to them) computer down here for their family to use, courtesy of my alma mater NNU, which has it's own shiny brand new ones :)

This is a HUGE blessing for them for a number of reasons. First, it was a totally unexpected and exciting "welcome back" gift. Secondly, the unexpected expense of a trip to Perú took a hit on their finances. I really don't know how they pay all their living expenses plus keep 2 kids in college and where the money comes from for them to do that. In any case, I know that any large purchases around the house have been "gifts from God" given to them by others. This is something they'd needed for a long time, but weren't in any position to buy themselves at this time (or in any near future). Thirdly, most of the work Carlos does is from home, at his computer. Having attended seminary and learned Greek, and then pastored for several years, he teaches several classes and uses the computer a LOT to make powerpoint slides and other teaching aids. While living in their house I worked on their old computer dozens of times, often late into the night because it inched along SO slowly. The rest of the family uses it a lots as well - for schoolwork, research, papers, and to chat with friends and family. Anyway, now thanks to Ted they're up and running again with a nice new computer, equipped with a DVD burner and everything!

Their visas are back in process, their eldest son just visited from El Salvador this week, and I just moved back in with them a few days ago. Oh, and in case you didn't catch the connection in the names here - Carlos "Rueda" translates as Carlos "Wheel," or "Wheeler" if you stretch it a little. And Ted "Wheeler" fixed him up with a brand new computer. What goes around comes around, eh?

And thus...things were put back together again. I figured you should get to hear the rest of the story! THANKS so much for your prayers!

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Kathie said...

Saaa-weeet! Little tears in my eyes by the end, and lots of "Awww"s :)