Sunday, August 16, 2009

In Which Family Comes to Visit

Over the summer my family came to visit - the parents and Jason for 2 weeks, and Camden for about 2 months.

Camden spent his first week here up at the QERC biological research center. I'm quite jealous he got to do that, actually. I only got to visit him on the weekends in between work. The first weekend Nikki (friend from NNU) came up with us. The second weekend we went on a hike with David and he identified over 20 bird species. We went on a frog-hunt at night, and saw a female quetzal and several toucanettes the next morning.

Shortly after that, the rest of the fam arrived (minus nate and jill and alexyss). Over the next two weeks my family got to see pieces of my life here (language school, the office, La Carpio), and we visited different parts of Costa Rica on the weekends. My mom thought it was great fun to just do "normal things" and see my real day-to-day life rather than go gallavanting around the country all week. But on the weekends we visited a volcano, ancient Huatare city ruins in Guayabo (this was really cool, I'd wanted to visit this but hadn't yet had a chance), saw monkeys and slots at Manuel Antonio, and went to museums downtown.

So that was fun to have them around for 2 weeks, and they enjoyed seeing a slice of my life here. We talked a lot about how Costa Rica compares to Haiti. We talked a lot about you, probably, if you're reading this you get news about me and my mom talked me through every person she'd seen and how they were doing.

Camden stayed afterward to finish some language classes and explore more of the country. I didn't get a single second to do "touristy" stuff with him, unfortunately. But on the other hand, he got to do things a tourist wouldn't get to, like pour a cement floor in a church in San Carlos, visit a local dance exhibition, and go to one of the awesomest Christian Camps in Central America along with the La Carpio kids. I think that stuff's way cooler than white-water rafting and surfing. But I'm kind of weird. He just left a few days ago.

Anyway, that's what the fam did when they came to visit! Enjoy the photos!

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