Sunday, May 10, 2009

Adios Language school!

This is old news. But old news is good news. Actually it doesn't always work that way. In any case, my official graduation from the language school was back in May, but it didn't feel much like a transition point until this August, when now my year of language studies is over and all my classmates I went to school with have moved on to the countries they're serving in, or gone back to the U.S.

Anyway, just wanted to post some photos from graduation. I got the honor of carrying the Costa Rican flag! (since my last name starts with a "B," probably, and since that's where I'll be living). I also attached a video I helped one of my fellow classmates make while we were taking classes. I planned on making a video talking about language school, but I never found the time. Steve does a good job of highlighting some of why the school is there and what the language school experience is like.

The other reason I wanted to include this video is because at minute 3:45 there is an interview with one of my favorite teachers, Graziella. She has a particularly powerful testimony which she shared with us and even allowed me to video it. Graziella is an incredible teacher and taught lessons on culture and personal growth that went far beyond normal language classes. The flashcards she made us are one of the main reasons I put together the student resources website. Anyway, I was very blessed to have her as a teacher (twice, in fact, which isn't normally allowed) and hear lots of her stories. Here is one I invite you to watch...

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