Sunday, April 12, 2009

9 Days 10 nights

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Where has Brendan been the past week?

For Holy Week we had several days off, so a fellow language student and I took the opportunity to work our way as cheaply as possible through Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras, hitting some of the more famous Mayan Ruins. We took a short 1-hour flight from Costa Rica to Honduras, and made our way through the three countries using public buses and a ferry into Belize.

At the end of our first full day it really struck me that we were playing a rather serious hopscotch game across several borders when I realized I had 5 different currencies in my wallet - US dollars, Costa Rican colones, Honduran lempiras, Belizean dollars, and Guatemalan quetzals. At the end of the first 24 hours, we'd traveled by air, land, and sea through 4 countries. After clearing customs in Costa Rica, I had 10 new stamps in my passport.

When we planned this we were disappointed that we'd be missing the Holy Week traditions in Costa Rica... but as it turns out we caught a lot of them in Honduras.

The awesome thing about this is that I get to write two papers about the trip, in Spanish of course, to turn in as a part of my class. That being said, I'll post more details later, but it's late and beginning tomorrow we have our final exams.

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Forest Fisk said...

:-) ! That's pretty awesome! I'm somewhat jealous! I have a whole piggy bank full of money from different countries I've collected from missionaries, travels, and friends who bring me back nice little coin presents ;-) Have the time of your life, man, and let's look at some pictures together when you get back!