Sunday, June 15, 2008

Waco, Part 2: The Place - Shoot me a Waco!

Drink a bite to eat at 10, 2, and 4

Waco's lesser-known claim to fame is that it was here that the very first Dr Pepper drink was concocted by Charles Alderton, a young pharmacist. It was in a pharmacy that he first brewed together the magical 23 flavors that constitute the real Dr. Pepper. Since my grandmother is a Dr Pepper fanatic (can't stand the cheapo imitations), I wanted to see the place where it all began.

  • When Alderton first started selling his soda concoction, it was called a Waco. Thus - "Shoot me a Waco!"
  • Apparently during WWII, sugar was being rationed and since soda drinks contained so much sugar, they counted as food. Thus, the slogan "drink a bite to eat" was Dr Pepper's pitch.
  • Since people experience an energy crash at about 10:30, 2:30, and 4:30, those are the times you're advised to guzzle a DP down.
  • Dr Pepper dropped the period from its logo in the 1950's. Why? Because the curl on the end of the "r" in the original "Dr. Pepper" blended together with the period and made it look like a colon. So after that point - no period.
  • Prune juice is not one of the 23 flavors
  • Originally, Dr Pepper proudly contained no caffeine and no cocaine. This has changed, however.
  • Bottles (used to be) inspected for cleanliness by eye. Twice.
I almost bought the Dr Pepper BBQ sauce they were selling in the gift shop, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

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